Peer Support

The Open Doors Drop-In Centre offers confidential, single-session peer support services on a first come, first served basis. When people arrive at our location, we aim to have them seen as quickly as possible.

It is a free, immediate and accessible form of brief counselling. People can drop in for free services without an appointment, like the medical walk-in clinics. The services are provided by qualified peer support providers, who also help people to connect to the community and health services they may need.

Peer support sessions are approximately 1 to 1 1/2 hours in length. Though clients are sometimes referred to other services, in many cases a single concentrated visit is all that is required.

The focus of the session is determined by each client’s unique needs. Whether coping with a stressful situation, inquiring about services, or looking for an understanding and non-judgmental ear, our peer support providers are trained to help clients address what is most important to them.

Our experienced peer support facilitators help clients identify issues, recognize and build on their own strengths and abilities, and where appropriate help them develop strategies to address their concerns.


We DO NOT require: health cards, referrals or previous appointments.

Note: There is limited availability for walk-in counselling each week. If all spots are filled, clients will be asked to return at the next suggested date

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